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22 Best Online Tutoring Jobs For Teachers & College Students

22Best Online Tutoring Jobs For Teachers & College Students:

Online tutoring job is the best option to make some extra income. Teachers can grab this opportunity to earn extra and even college students who are ambitious enough to earn for themselves along with studying.

Advantages of teaching online are as follows:

  1. You can work in your own space that is your home.
  2. You can be helpful to many students to enhance their knowledge.
  3. You can also enhance your own knowledge and also expertise in your subject.

So, isn’t it all in our favor, we just have to be passionate about what we have decided to do? It will be helpful to us, to our students and our bank balance too. It’s all about you showing your interest, hard work, and dedication while doing your job and helping the students to build their careers.

Online tutoring jobs will have different levels of requirements and experiences. Some might hire college students who are pursuing their degree. Some might hire well qualified and trained teachers, and one might even hire a 16- year old lad.


Finally, you just have to remember that all the qualifications required for this job may differ, so go through them thoroughly. Some jobs might also have a requirement of electronic devices like an iPad, microphone, or webcam, so be prepared before you apply for it.


Points for online tutoring Success:

Before you start going through the list of jobs I would like to share a few tips to succeed in online tutoring.

  • Make learning fun: The best tutors don’t just stick to a fixed formula of teaching, but they should be constantly finding new ways of making the learning experience fun and fresh.
  • Encourage critical thinking: Encourage students to share and debate opinions, this will help them to be a better decision-maker, build curiosity in learning, etc.
  • Be available: The more you are available for teaching, the more you earn. You’ll also be better at teaching, and help more students.
  • Read all the requirements: As told to you before you need to be prepared with the equipment required, make sure you are ready with it before you apply.
  • Interview schedule: Don’t waste much for your time once you decide to opt for this option, Immediately schedule an interview. There are higher chances of your selection the way you will look professional. So, this is the MOST IMPORTANT tip.
Finally, just keep in mind that never be scared to achieve anything that comes in your mind because ultimately there is a world beyond fear. So, apply without fear you will only gain success. If you are applying for the first time do not hesitate by thinking that you might fail just think that you will only learn from your failures to achieve success.

Online tutoring jobs:

These tutoring jobs don’t require any specific degree or a teacher training course but if you have any don’t forget to reflect it in your application because there are more great opportunities available for them.

1.  Chegg Tutors:

  • Student  Levels: Middle school, High school, College
  • Online Tutoring subjects: all subject

Chegg tutor needs to be enrolled in a 4 – year university program. You will need to have two forms of school verification it can be an ID card, diploma, unofficial transcripts. You can apply from any part of the world.

The pay of Chegg tutor is $20/hour paid weekly via Paypal. The top tutor of Chegg is earning $1000/ month.

For more detail, you can visit the Chegg Tutor Help desk.

2. Magic Ears:

  • Student  Levels: 5-12-year-old
  • Online Tutoring subjects: English
  • Class size up to 4 students

Magic Ears hiring process is very straightforward and clear. You need to have a fast internet connection (i.e., 10mbps up and down). They are looking for a candidate from the US and Canada only. The qualification required for this job is a bachelor’s degree or some teaching experience. The working hours will be in the evening during weekdays, and morning or evening time during weekends preferred by the candidate. During their hiring process, they will provide training that will be on the paid basics.

The payment ranges from $ 15-26 per hour lesson. And you will be paid on the 10th of every month for the last month worked. You will receive the payment via Paypal or bank transfer.

Magic Ears Learn More

3. TutorMe :

  • Student  Levels: K-12
  • Online Tutoring subjects: Computer Science, foreign languages, history, engineering, Science, Social Science, Humanities, Math, and test prep.

TutoreMe is a highly flexible online tutoring website. To be a tutor on TutorMe you need to have tutoring or teaching experience. Mastery on the subject you are going to teach and must have graduated from an authorized university.

4. Qkids:

  • Student  Levels: 4-12-year-old
  • Online Tutoring subjects: English
  • Class size: 1 to 4 students at a time

Qkids connect 800,000 plus Chinese students to whom you have to teach English subjects. All those who have a passion for teaching can be a teacher, tutor, educators, stay at home parent, college-going students all can apply for this job. The lesson will be present in the app itself. No planning is necessary. They focus on giving a narrative game-based learning platform.

 The teaching hours for each lesson will be 30 minutes long. They try to get you the same students in the next class but if you don’t get so, then it’s completely fine. Continue the way it should be.

 The pay for Qkids is good they pay you $20/per hour along with bonuses available that make you earn more.

Job requirements are that an applicant should be eligible to work in the US or Canada. He/she should be the resident of the same. He/She should be enrolled in the university or at least should have a bachelor’s degree. Prior experience of teaching children. And should be available to teach 6 plus hours a week.


  • Student  Levels: K-12
  • Online Tutoring subjects: Maths, Science, English, Social Studies, business, foreign languages. gets you, students of all ages, so that you can help them and get them complete their assignments, guiding them to understand the topic they bring in every session.

If you want to apply on, you have to be a resident of the U.S. or Canada, you need to be present for a minimum of 5 hours per week, and you must be a college sophomore or higher, You must have a 4 years college degree from any authorized university. Your application and choice of subject will decide your pay on an hourly basis. Once you apply you will have to take a subject exam and complete a mock tutor session. The entire process will take 1 to 3 weeks.

To find  more details check out tutor FAQ.

6. Mathelf:

  • Students Levels: K-12 and College
  • Online tutoring subjects: Math

Name itself tells us the subject specialization required for tutoring, which is Math.

In MatheIf tutor will have to undergo a 30 minutes interview once applied. Requirements for the applicant is he/she should be having one year of experience in teaching/tutoring Math Subjects. You need to have an iPad running iOS 11 or higher.

The pay of Mathelf is $20/hour paid weekly via PayPal. The highest-earning tutor of Mathelf is earning around $2,000/month and the average income of the tutors is around $300/month. Working hours are flexible according to your convenience.

7. Elevate K-12:

  • Students Levels: K-12
  • Online Tutoring Subjects: Math, ELA, reading, Science, Social Studies, Foreign language, Robotics, and Coding.

If you apply in Elevate K-12 you need to be a resident of the USA having 1.5 years of experience with a bachelor’s degree.

This online tutoring job will provide you the same group of students every week. You’ll get a pre schedule every week, and they will provide you training before you start with your job. Working hours are between 8 am and 5 pm EST during weekdays.

8. Cambly:

  • Students Levels: K-12 and College
  • Online Tutoring Subjects: English

Cambly needs a good native English speaker who connects with the people to teach them how to speak English. How to communicate fluently in English.

This program doesn’t require any experience. You just need to be a Native English Speaker. The pay will be $10.20/hour. You get to work by your own feasibility and availability and chat with people all around the world.

Cambly Help Desk

9. Yup:

  • Students levels: K-12
  • Online tutoring subjects: Maths, Chemistry, Physics

In Yup students get connected via mobile with the tutors. Students and tutors use tools which are completely secured and a virtual whiteboard to communicate.  Once you become a yup tutor you have a choice to select your own working hour during the weekdays. But you must be a US resident and have two years of tutoring experience.

To get selected you need to give a subject exam for which you have applied and a teaching demo. This entire process will take less than 24 hours. Once it is finalized you will get a weekly schedule from Yup and you will be expected to stay online to help students.

Yup tutors are paid on a monthly basis through Paypal or direct deposit. And it will also be based on experience, communication skills, and mastery over the subject.

Yup Help Center:

10. TutaPoint:

  • Students Levels: Elementary to College
  • Online tutoring subjects: Maths, Science, World languages, languages arts, Social Studies

TutaPoint tutor must have minimum experience of 2 years and should be a resident of the U.S. they must be pursuing or graduated from American or Canadian universities or college.

For completing the selection process, you’ll have to demonstrate, give a reference, and complete a video interview and background check. You will be on the independent contract basics. You’ll be paid $14/hour with bonuses and incentives, with no guarantee of working hours.

11. Student Tutor:

  • Students Levels: K-12
  • Online Tutoring Subjects: All or most subjects

The student tutor is a private online tutoring job that offers a range of subject and grade levels. To apply for this job you should have tutoring experience or you must at least be a student with a GPA of 3.0 or better. To be an SAT tutor you must have a 700+score  per section. And to be an ACT tutor 30+ per section.

It offers hourly pay based on your capabilities, with flexible hours, and much more.

12. Course Hero:

  • Students Levels: High school to university
  • Online Tutoring Subjects: Accounting, Business Finance, Statistics and Probability, Economics, Computer, Science, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Physics, US History, Calculus, Management, and more.

The course hero is a bit different type of online tutoring site. Wherein, you have to answer the questions asked by the students. Once you answer the question you earn an average of $3 per question answered. You can earn $12 – $20+/hour. Some of the top tutors earn $ 500/week.

The best part of this is that you can work according to your feasibility and hop on the question and answer whenever you want. So, it is a great option to work and make extra money.

13. Studypool:

  • Students Levels: K-12
  • Online Tutoring Subjects: All or most subjects

In Studypool you get to bid on the student questions means students will post a question and you have to quote your price and time. If the student is interested he/she will select you, the tutor class begins. You can also make passive money by selling notes, study guides etc.

You need to be a college or university student to apply for this job.

14. Aim4A:

  • Students Levels: Elementary to college
  • Online Tutoring Subjects: All subject

Aim tutor needs to have a bachelor’s degree with a specialized subject. You also should have some teaching experience. And you also need to have a microphone (recommended by Amazon) and Skype App to communicate with students.

15. VIPkid:

  • Students Levels: Ages 4-12
  • Online Tutoring Subjects: English

VIPKid is one of the most well-known tutoring sites. You won’t regret working with VIPKid, it is one of the top 5 of Forbes Top 100 Work From Home Companies list.

To become an aspiring teacher on VIPKid you require a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, minimum 2 years of experience with children, TESOL, or TEFL Certificate (if not, training for certification will be provided). They also need equipment like a microphone, webcam or laptop.

Once you apply there will be a one 30 minutes interview round, a mock class, and a background check, you will also be asked to sign a minimum 6 months contract.

The pay will be $14-22/hour paid through direct deposit on the 10th and 15th of each month.

16. SKooli:

  • Students Levels: Elementary to college
  • Online Tutoring Subjects: Maths, Humanities, Science, business, language.

To become a Skooli tutor you must have a bachelor’s degree along with a provisional or state teacher training certificate. Once you fulfill the requirement and pass the screening round. Your account will be automatically activated and you will be allowed to take classes online.

You can have any of these i.e., tablet, or computer, smartphone to conduct classes online. The pay will be $25/hour via PayPal. You can work whenever you are available.

17. HAWO American Academy:

  • Students Levels: K-12
  • Online Tutoring Subjects: English

HAWO tutor will get a group of students from China to whom you have to teach how to speak in English. Every lesson to be taught will be well planned in advance. You can select your schedule. You’ll have the same students each time you log in.

To apply as a Hawo tutor you must have a bachelor’s degree and at least one-year experience. Some experience with the US or Canadian educational system.

18. Brainfuse:

  • Students Levels: K-12 to College
  • Online Tutoring Subjects: Almost all subject

The qualification required to apply as a Brainfuse tutor is to have a four years degree and some teaching or tutoring experience. If you fit in the criteria you may apply for the same and once you apply, they will cross-check and revert you back by sending the registration code to complete the further application process.

19. EF Education First:

  • Students Levels: Children age 5 – 10
  • Online Tutoring Subjects: English

EF Education First is an international education company that is specialized in language training. You’ll have students from China.

The teaching session will be 25 minutes long. You’ll have one-on-one sessions with students. All the required material for teaching will be provided. No need of preparing for teaching aid or any sort of backdrop.

You get to set your own schedule but that depends on your consistent availability. You’ll be working with the same student/students for a month. This is great for your stable income. And if you are a consistent tutor you earn around $2,000 USD per month.

Requirements are as follows:

  1. Bachelor Degree
  2. Native English speaker
  3. Must be resident of U.S. or U.K
  4. TEFL Certification (if not there, they will provide help for the same)

20. PrepNow:

  • Students Levels: K-12 to College
  • Online Tutoring Subjects: Almost all subject
To be a PrepNow tutor you need to be available at least 6 hours a day. And you will be tutoring the same students regularly. You’ll need composite 28 on the ACT or a 650 on the SAT math and SAT verbal/CR. You will also need at least 2 years of teaching experience and a bachelor’s degree.

22. Instructional Connections:

  • Students Levels: College and university
  • Online Tutoring Subjects: All Subjects

Instructional Connections needs an online part-time tutor who works as an instructor to help an online course run smoothly.

So, you are suggested to go through the opportunities available. All the opportunities provided by them are for work from home, independent contractor opportunities. Pay is based on many different factors.

22. Revolution Prep:

  • Students Levels: Grade 6 to 12
  • Online Tutoring Subjects: Variety of subjects including SAT and ACT exams.

Revolution Prep helps you to grow with lots of opportunities to earn incentives, bonuses and they also provide you training to be a better tutor. They are looking for a full-time online tutor.

Those who are interested in applying should have a bachelor’s degree,  some teaching experience with knowledge of preparing lesson plans. He/She should be a resident of the U.S.

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