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Amazon Wedding Registry

Amazon Wedding Registry Review: What You Need to Know

Registering for wedding gifts helps ensure that you and your betrothed start your married lives together with the things you actually want. And whether you’re considering traditional gifts such as china sets and bath towels, an alternative option like a scuba diving experience, or a mix of the two, Amazon’s wedding registry is equipped to deliver.


The registry offers a massive inventory selection, convenience, a discount for unpurchased gifts and a generous returns period. But the lack of physical locations means you can’t pick out or return items in person, and some perks depend on whether you or your guests have Prime memberships. Let’s take a closer look at Amazon’s wedding registry to help you decide if it’s worth signing up.

How it works

You’ll need an Amazon account to create an online registry, and your guests will need one in order to purchase the gifts.

You’ll have to provide the following information when you register:

  • Your name and your partner’s name
  • The shipping address where you’d like gifts sent
  • Your wedding date
  • Your event location

Once those steps are complete, you can start adding items. You can search for what you want or browse curated lists for inspiration.

Noteworthy features

Amazon’s wedding registry is more than a wish list. You get:

Variety. The online marketplace sells millions of registry gift options, “from travel experiences to Kindles to festive flatware,” according to Amazon. It’s likely to please even the pickiest brides and grooms.

Universal registry. This browser extension is free to download on Amazon’s website and lets you add items from other sites — such as Target or Bed Bath & Beyond — to your Amazon registry. Guests will have to purchase the items on the third-party site and enter your shipping address, but they’ll be able to see everything on your wish list in one place.

Bonus gifts. Some brands throw in a free gift with the purchase of certain registry items or when minimum purchase amounts are met. For example, at the time of this writing, Nespresso is offering $50 in club credit redeemable for coffee, machines and accessories with the purchase of a Nespresso machine priced at $199 or more.

Gift prioritization. You can mark items on your registry high or low priority to guide your guests.

Thank-you list. Amazon automatically records who bought each item purchased from the registry, making it easy to follow up.


Registry completion discount. After your wedding day, Amazon will send you a discount code to use on the gifts remaining on your list. Prime members receive up to a 20% discount and non-Prime members receive 10%.

Access and privacy

Who can see your registry? When you set it up, you can make it visible only to you, only to people with the link, or to the public, which means anyone can search for and view it.

 You can share your wish list with friends and relatives via email, Facebook or Twitter, or by providing its unique URL. If the registry is public, guests can find it by visiting and entering your name. Your registry will also appear on wedding website The Knot, due to its partnership with Amazon, unless you opt out during setup.

 Only registrants can edit the list. Add your partner’s email address, and you can both make changes from your individual Amazon accounts.

Shipping and tracking

Shipping cost and speed depend on the specific item ordered and your guests’ membership status. Amazon offers non-Prime members free standard shipping on registry orders of $25 or more. Prime members get their usual free, two-day shipping on eligible items.

 If you’re eager to find out when gifts will arrive, you’ll have to ask the people who bought them for updates or contact customer service. Order tracking is available only to the purchaser.

Return policy

Amazon’s generous registry return policy offers free returns within 180 days of delivery. However, items you purchase off your own registry are restricted to a 30-day return window. You’ll receive the refund in the form of an Amazon gift certificate. Items purchased from third-party websites are subject the policies of their respective sellers.

Remember, there are no physical Amazon stores that accept returns. You must print return labels and ship unwanted gifts back yourself.

Completion discount

Having gifts left on your list after the wedding is disappointing, but Amazon’s wedding registry completion discount might lift your spirits. The one-time-use promo code lets you save on any of the remaining gifts you might decide to buy, plus other eligible items you add to the order. Enter the code at checkout to redeem the discount.

 For Prime members:

 Those who’ve seen $500-$999.99 worth of items purchased from their registries will receive a 20% discount on one order of up to $1,000 (a maximum $200 discount)

Those who’ve seen $1,000 or more worth of items purchased from their registries will receive a 20% discount on one order of up to $1,500 (a maximum $300 discount)

For non-Prime members:

 Those who’ve seen $500 or more worth of items purchased from their registries will receive a 10% discount on one order of up to $1,000 (a maximum $100 discount)

Notable exclusions include:

 Registries created less than 30 days before the wedding date

Registries without any guest purchases

Prime Student, trial and invitee members

Items sold by non-Amazon sellers


Your love might last forever, but the discount won’t. It expires 90 days after your wedding date at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time. Visit Amazon for the full list of terms and conditions.

Is the Amazon wedding registry your perfect match?

Amazon’s wedding registry has several standout features: its ease of use, convenient thank-you list, post-wedding discount and lengthy return period. But the vast product selection is the supreme selling point.

 Still, the registry has its flaws. Amazon doesn’t have physical locations, so the entire process must be done online. If you’d prefer to pick out gifts in store, the Amazon registry probably isn’t for you. Other factors, including the registry completion discount amount and shipping cost and speed, vary depending on whether you or your guests have standard or Amazon Prime memberships. And the universal registry feature isn’t seamless, which can make completing certain orders and returns more complicated.

 Weigh the pros and cons before you decide. Check out Amazon’s FAQ page for more information.

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