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Audible Review

Audible Review: Is Audible worth it?

How many of you are having a hobby of reading books? How many of you are having the same fantasies as I have?  But couldn’t because of our busy schedule.

Here’s the solution to our problems which will increase our craz of reading books.

Yes, here it is Amazon Audible store, with a huge collection of Audiobooks.

AUDIBLE, of an Amazon store that has come up with a unique way to reach our fantasies. With 30 days of Free Audible Trial, wherein you can test your interest and decide accordingly.  This company has hundreds and thousands of popular audiobooks of famous authors and audible original titles.


What is Audible?

Amazon Audible is the biggest store in the world and one of its sections is solely responsible for audio content. Audible is the online audio book store of Amazon. Amazon is a more familiar website that we all are aware of, once you visit the site you will feel like home browsing on it. You will experience easier and smooth browsing on the site. Amazon is mostly used for audiobooks, it includes other content in its service. This includes newspapers, Speeches, magazines, TV programs, audiobooks like Stephen Fry, Martyn Amos, Jon Ronson, etc. The US $300 Million was paid by Amazon for Audible. It was fully implemented in the year 2008 by Amazon.

Why Should We buy?

Audible helps you enjoy your favorite hobby of reading without disturbing your other daily plans. It gives you pleasure by providing the world’s largest audiobook collections.

·     Free trial for 30 days of your first audiobook, the choice
is yours from 200,000 books available both in English and Hindi.

·      Less expensive 

·      It is flexible, you can even cancel if you are not comfortable with it anymore.

·      Once you opt for these books and further you want to discontinue, still you can keep those books with you in your Audible library.

·      The exchange process is very easy.

·      Unlimited Original songs are available for free.


How does Audible work?

Audible gives you a free trial of 30 days. So first you can go for it. The audiobook that they offer for a free trial can be a classic book or audible originals. Once you are done with your trial you can go for a monthly subscription of Audible. You must have an Amazon account and then sign in for the membership. Every month Audible awards you with a credit. And the credit you gain can be used to purchase Audible

audiobooks in various other categories including technology, fashion, social media, ads, romance, etc. You can go for more books through Audible credit or you can pay for each book. 

As a member, you can take two out of six audiobooks on the first Friday of every month. They will not charge you for this; you can keep those books with you.

Even if you want to cancel your subscription still you can keep all the books that are available in your library. You can use any device to listen to your audiobooks like your phone, Alexa device, windows or mac computer, you just need your app installed in it. You can also listen to your audio wherever you want to.


Audible Pricing:

You have to give your credit card details to start with your trial period. With this, you will get 30 days duration and one free audiobook. Once you are done with your trial, you will be charged $14.95 per month if you want to have the subscription which is not at all compulsory after trial. You are even allowed to cancel your subscription if you want to. You get an option of paying annually through its Gold Annual Plan, you need to pay $149.50 per year. This plan gives you  12 credits per year. If you opt for the Platinum monthly subscription then you have to pay $22.95 with 2 credits. And for the whole year i.e., Platinum Annual Plan of $ 229.50 per year includes 24 credits. The audible Channel plan costs $495 per month exempting credit. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can use Audible with no extra charge.

How to save money on Audible:

If you spend your credits each month as an Audible member, you can save money often and quickly on the audiobooks. Books costing from $10 to $25 you can start purchasing them. For instance, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson is one of the best-sellers of Audible. At the time of writing the cost of the book was $25. However, the credit cost of the same book will be $14.95. that exactly means you have saved $9.And if you can read more then one audiobook then the subscription of the audiobook will be more cost-effective. You can also save 60% of the cost of an audiobook
if you are a member of the Audible store. 
Here are some reasons why I love Audible:

1.    You can more books, with easy access.

The Audible app is available on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. It works on both Android and iOS devices. You can normally use it on your smartphone as you carry them along with you while commuting, shopping, exercise, etc. If you are more interested to listen without holding it in your hand you can go for a device named Alexa depends on your comfortability.  In another word, it makes you easier to be a multitasker, you follow your interest along with your work. This will help you to complete the great books without any difficulty. Audible provides you with excellent features, and one of the best feature is you can reduce or increase speed accordingly. As a reader, you can enjoy your reading with this feature. It completely depends on how fast or slow you want it to be.

2.    Audible is Affordable

You have an option available on Audible either you can buy individual audiobooks or pay a monthly fee. For example, if you are a resident of Ireland you can pay EUR 10 each month for a credit to buy the book from Audible. If you have a membership credit it will be cheaper for you to listen to the books that cost EUR20/USD20 or more. Audible also gives promotional offers and deals to you as a member (As you have paid recurring member fees).

Note: If you want the audible costing EUR10/USD15 it will be more beneficial instead if you listen to the Audible that cost less then your credit fee i.e., EUR10/USD15 you won’t get the worth value for it.

3.   Whispersync for voice rocks:

Whispersync is one of the smartest features of Audible, called Whispersync For Voice. Suppose you have started listening through your kindle fire while the morning walk and you have finished with a
certain chapter. And now you are planning at the bedtime to continue the same, then it becomes easy, as it automatically finds out where have you stopped reading in your kindle fire. 
Then, again the next morning when you open Audible it will narrate you what you had read last in your Kindle Fire

last night. You all will really love this feature once you start using it.There are a few points to be remembered·

  • Firstly, the book you choose must be available on Kindle and Audible.
  • After that you have to buy both versions to use Whispersync.
  • Finally, both your Amazon account and Audible account must be in the same area. For example, if you purchase a book of the UK Amazon Store and audiobook of the US Audible store then Whisper sync won’t work.

4.    Your First Audiobook is Free

If you want to test them on what you have read till now, then this is the one, Free Trial. Yes, you can try a free audiobook for 30 days. Where you will get to read one audiobook for the
entire month without spending a pie. And you also have a choice if you didn’t like it you will not be charged for next month’s subscriptions. 
This you can do it before taking the recurring subscription which includes paying a monthly fee. Therefore, after you get your audiobooks and you complete your 30days trail then you can decide whether you want to continue your membership or reject it. If you discontinue this service you won’t be at loss you will be left with those two audiobooks you heard during the trial period.

5.    Don’t like your Audiobook? Audible will refund you.

 Audible store care for your investment. So, if you are thinking that Audible cannot be returned to the store if you don’t like it, then the answer is no! If you connect Audible for any

problem the team will immediately respond. If you add to your conversation that you didn’t like the book you are reading then it will immediately return your money to your account and they won’t trouble you for the same. The rep assures you that it has a Great Listening Guarantee wherein they returned any book in the 365 days of the year.

6.   You can listen to top authors narrate their books:

Audible has a collection of more than 200,000 audiobooks, among which most of them are bestsellers or classics. When you listen to books like Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg and On Writing, by Stephen King you will see that the writers themselves are the narrators. This helps you to understand the audiobook more clearly and exactly what they want to tell us or express in their writings.

And in some cases, even popular actors narrate the book. This not only makes it more interesting but their interpretation sent shivers up your spine.

7.    You can cancel at any time:

Yes, if you don’t want to continue with audible services you can even cancel the same. For example, suppose you have canceled your UK co. subscription and have subscribed US, then it will be done on the immediate bases and the Audible book taken in UK subscription will be yours, as they will put your audible account on pause mode.

Benefits of having Audible services:

·      Audible provides you with a huge collection of audiobooks, that includes different versions of the same book. You can find anything like fiction and non-fiction novels, memoirs, etc. as you have created an Amazon Account which will easily show you whether the book you want to listen to is audible or not.

·      You can install the Audible app on all devices like laptops, phones, and tablets.

·      You can easily cancel your subscription if you want to and can also keep the Audiobooks with you in your library of Audible accounts. Due to any circumstances you are not able to pay or continue but want to be a member in the future then you can pause your account to enjoy it later.

·       It believes in an easy return and exchange policy.

·      They provide 24/7 services to their customers.

·      They give you a complimentary newspaper subscription. They also provide you with two audible originals each month.

So, is Audible worth it?

If you have decided to go for Audible Services then first go for a 30 days free trial, select an audiobook you would like to listen to, and then decide if you want to.

The best part of the audible service is that you have nothing to lose, but instead you gain a book for free. So, if you decide not to continue still you can see the book you had taken during your trial period in your library or Audible store.

If you are a true book lover then you can try to save $14.95 per month and get to achieve your love for reading books. All the perks like huge library service, low cost, etc, which audible offers that are already mentioned above which get you closer to your love for books.

I really think that you have to try it at least once, and my challenge is you are going to enjoy it as a reader being an active listener.

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