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Digital product ideas for generating passive income

If you are in search of a good and successful business to increase your income without office then your thinking is absolutely on the right path. Digital product in the exact option you’re looking for. Digital product ideas not only take your business to an extremely high level but it will help you to generate extra income.

What is a Digital Product?

A digital product is a product which is operated digitally, it doesn’t have any physical existence. You use it completely online that can be operated through your phone, computer, laptop or tablet, etc.,

Selling digital products is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to earn passive income. Digital product whether it is sold or not it remains an intangible product.

To start this business, it needs less investment. There’s no need for a property, goods in stock, or the contents of a building, no storefront, or no shipping charges. It only requires you to invest little on the platform you will sell the product, other than that you can use free and inexpensive tools to make your product.

Digital products are with the huge benefit that once you make it you can sell it again and again whether you are working or not. Which is more profitable and helps you to earn more without changing your working schedule.

As an entrepreneur, it is very essential to have a goal to create more products and convince your customer to buy it because customer retention is more important than their acquisition.

19 digital products you can sell online:

Digital products all range in how passive they are. These products can be of different kinds for example some products can be created and just left to gain income, some products need to be updated. It depends on how hard you are working on it.

Digitals products can be creative based on your talent, knowledge, opinion, potential, or passion. So, without wasting your time, do share digital products online and make some extra income. Digital products not only help you to gain income but it expands your business without spending much.

In this article, we’ve shortlisted a few digital products you can sell online, so that you get some examples and create your own product without any difficulty or confusion.

1.     eBook:

It is said, “If you are good at something never do it for free.” So, if you are a good writer then create your own ebook and make a passive income. You can self-publish your work by writing a series of fiction or non-fiction books on Amazon, record an audiobook, create different kinds of guided journals or drawing books, or sell books on your website.

When you are creating a digital product like the ebook you need to have all sorts of significant information. The customer needs the full story in your book, not just a bullet point.

  • You can even make money by selling your ebook by adding a special deal for higher-priced service or digital products to your readers. There are also a few websites that will help you to host and sell your ebooks like PayhipAmazon Kindle Direct PublishBlurbLulu, etc.

 2.      Guides or tutorials

You can make money through selling guides and tutorials with effective information that will improve their performance and help them to learn it. Through your knowledge, experience, and specialization in something can make you earn more.

The tutorial teaches you a particular skill, it is similar to the workshop. Tutorials and guides can be in the form of videos, written, or can be done in both ways. This is completely a passive product.

3.      Commercial-use music

If you are interested in music then you can generate passive income licensing your music for commercial use, as many videographers and editors are looking for royalty-free music and sound effects to include in youtube videos, commercials, and possibly even in films.

You have to create new music to attract the same customers and more. Once you create one track it is sold indefinitely. You can visit sites like HookSound and Bensound to showcase your talent.

4. Mobile apps

Most of the time is spent on our phones using apps. So, it is the best way to earn income  through apps like ads, affiliate links, or charging for downloading or using the app. 

Services like BuildFire will help you to make an app. or you can try using their templates without being an expert in knowing to code. You should keep your app updated and functioning to attract people. Hence, most of the mobile apps are passive.

5. Animations and vectors

Most of the site owners and bloggers are wanting to use animations and vectors which will help them to attract the consumers. If you are well versed with the animation and vector then you can sell them on the same website or else you can create your subscription service. You can design your image using Canva or Adobe illustration.

You can have your own library of images and try to convince people to use your animation and vector by updating them with your offering and unique style of designing. So, they use your work over stock photography.

6. Online Courses:

Online courses are more in demand because people are more interested in keeping
themselves updated. People discover how important it is to do online courses for learning skills and training. You can make videos, audio files, ppt and post it on sites like Coursera or Udemy. You can also have your own website using a platform like Teachable or Outschool.

If you think that the course is already available. Don’t be intimidated, because people always search for something new and unique. Just be confident enough and
start working on your course and this would be the reason to buy your course over some else.

Your talent or skill can be exhibited in the form of course then you should go for it. And try to earn more. You can prefer limited-time courses which will be more attractive to gain people’s interest and increase your sales. An online course is gaining popularity due to consumer’s demand as it is at an affordable price and it’s easy to learn the method.

7. Printable

Printables are digital documents that you can upload for the user who has to just print them without working hard on it to create on their own. This will also save
time and help them to use it effectively.

Printables can be worksheets, schedule, checklist games, coloring sheets, Art prints, Lesson plans, Gift tags, Workbooks, Planner, Calendars, Meal plans, etc., all these are to make passive income. Try to make you printable simply in a unique way.

They are less expensive and you can use photoshop or illustrator to create them using simple online resources like Picmonkey to help you.

8. B-roll footage

In film and television production they use B-roll footage as supplemental footage.
B-roll can be prepared with the help of your iPhone to create an affordable B-roll.

You can even post your videos on YouTube with commercial music as exercise or background footage. Once you complete YouTube’s monetization requirements you will start with your earnings.

You must create a database wherein people get a wide selection of B-roll. Once
created you can sell one scene of footage over and over.

9. Workshops

A workshop is the best to publish yourself or your product. You can record or host an online workshop named as webinars. Once you upload them you resell it an end a number of times. These webinars will help you to sell any product or services.

Once you record the webinar there is no need to change or update it unless you want to change any information in it. You can have automated ads added to your
workshop so that you can grab the attention of the viewers.

10. Scripts

People search for a different script like anchoring script, report writing. Or a script
for any best occasion, they are often at a loss of words. These scripts help people in many different ways like negotiations, speeches, sales calls, fundraising, and more.

You can sell these scripts on sites like Fiverr or your own website.

11. Photography

If you are good at photography then this talent can be very beneficial to you as businesses all-around use stock photos on their websites, social media, advertising, and even YouTube channels. You can get started with your own stock photo subscription service. Your smartphone camera will be enough for photography instead of investing in an expensive one.

You can sell photos on sites like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock or create your own. To get the most out of this digital product business you need to keep your portfolio updated.

Unflash is the website that is preferred by the traffic as it provides free usable photos that most of the businesses like to use on their website. This website will help you to explore your work traffic.

12. Plugin or extension

A plugin is a software installed in a program to improve its capacity. You can search it on google chrome or on the browser extensions. If you have the knowledge of plugins or extensions you can charge for the same.

For example, Internet browser plugins that can be installed in a browser to extend its capabilities are Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash, Java, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Shockwave, etc. You will also need to keep the plugins updated and it is a source of passive income.

13. Font

If you are good with calligraphy and hand lettering then this is one of the most important digital product, where you can create a font and make it available on your website for brides, event planners, and business owner, so that they can use it for printing invitation, flyers, and even menus. You can create fonts on Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and also can sell them on sites like Creative Market or My font, and usually, it doesn’t need any update.

14. Templates

Templates are designed for Flyer, Poster, Album cover, Logos, Menus, Web banners,
Business cards, Online ads, Powerpoint presentations, and Social media graphics
can also generate passive income.

You can also design templates for free by using Canva or Slides that include information on how to copy the template for customization.

15. Website Theme

Instead of hiring a website designer to use a premium theme to build your website at an affordable price, many of them prefer to design their own blogs and websites. This helps you to earn passive income by making and selling premium WixWordPress, and Squarespace themes to people through your website or a marketplace like ThemeForest.

You need to keep the premium website updated so that it works properly.

16. Graphic Design

If you are creative and have an enormous number of ideas and unbeatable talent in making design then it is the best way to make money online. Graphic design includes illustrators, logos, textures, and more.

You can market on your own through the websites like Dribble. They offer you the platform to showcase your talent in graphic design. Because of these websites, you get an opportunity to earn, share, and grow your digital product. If you’re not that experienced still you can think of graphic designing. Where you can design a flyer or poster. To create you can make use of Vengagge:

17. Blueprint

If you are having some construction experience and are at ease to handle a tape, then here you can earn more through making blueprints for home projects. Home projects like pergolas, treehouse, chicken coops, tree houses are one of the popular projects you can work on and present in many different ways and designs.

You need to purchase software to create a blueprint but once your creativity and the innovative blueprint are ready you can immediately earn your money invested. Your business will completely be service-based. Where you can generate passive income by selling the PDF downloads of your blueprints.

18. Planners:

Planners help viewers to plan out their diet, meal, course, exercise, finance, and more. You can sell planners on websites like CreateSpace and Lulu or else you can have your own.  Planners can be PDF or Physical Planners. You can create an undated planner that generates passive income. You can also sell dated planners to semi-passive businesses. For example, blogger Sarah Titus has made $10 million selling planner pages and other printables through her website. 

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