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17 Best Work From Home Jobs for 2020

If you have made up your mindset that you can do or achieve whatever you want. Then you are on the right path. Yes, it is possible by the option that is work from home career it is an excellent opportunity to work according to your comfortability and availability. Work from home is an excellent deal to save your time and money since you do not have to travel more often. Which exactly means that you have more time for yourself and for your priorities. This career option provides you an opportunity to earn your livelihood from anywhere and anytime you like.

There are a few options which might help you in making your career :

1. Online Teacher

Earnings : $ 30,000 to $ 40,000

Online teaching is trending in recent times many schools and educational institutions are now giving importance to the role of online education. Online education has played a very important role in the life of a student. Students are enjoying the way online classes are helping them. online education has created a boom in society it has not only increased the ability of learning but also teaching. Through online teaching, you can earn a good income and time of working whether it is the evening or weekends it completely depends on your choice. Whether you are a licensed teacher or not you can earn an income through teaching online. Teaching online helps you to save your time and work according to your comfort. 

Demand is growing for online classes where teachers and students can teach and learn from diverse locations and get connected easily without any difficulty. The subjects in the highest demand are English, Science, Computers, and Maths. Classes are usually taught via Zoom, Skype, or pre-recorded sessions.

K12 is one option for teaching online. One important benefit of working for them is that your job will include benefits like health insurance, retirement savings accounts, and paid time off. Since you will be working with kids you still need to go through the typical employment process for a teacher that is a background check, interviews, and reference check, etc.

if you want to add up an extra amount to your teaching income or you are not a licensed teacher. You can go for online teaching courses which will enhance your knowledge.

2. Online tutors:

Earnings: $14 to $ 22 per hour

One of the best options on the online jobs available in the teaching field is considered to be tutoring, this service is more comfortable it is provided as per your convenience your own working hours and there is no need of preparing any lesson plan, any teaching aid or any sort of preparation. They provide the lesson material and also communicate with the parents. We just need to have an electronic device like a laptop or a computer and a will to help teach children.

For Example : Chegg Tutorsetutorworldtutormetutor, etc.

3. Transcriptionist

Earning: $14 to $ 20 per hour

Working as a transcriptionist is a great way to make money from home and the benefit of having a flexible schedule. Transcriptionist makes a written script of audio and video recording, meetings and conversations. It involves listening to audios and translating it into the text, reviewing the drafts of written transcriptions, and coordinating with customers to make sure they’re happy with the final documents. You need to have specific skills to apply or be a transcriptionist. You need to have a good and accurate typing speed you can also use some special equipment like foot pedal to start and stop audio recording.

There are many such opportunities to begin as a transcriptionist you can visit transcription job site where you will find a number of options like Rev, Scribie, etc. where they are looking for the transcriptionist like you who can complete their assignment in the given period of time or maybe it depends on the conversation between you and the service providers. You can also offer your services to the companies and the entrepreneurs. 

 For instance, According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for a work-from-home transcriptionist in the US is $58,441. It is an excellent opportunity as a beginner without any traveling expenses incurred in it. 

 4. Medical Coder

Earning : $ 60,000 per year

Medical coders are a kind of health information providers. They are responsible for organizing, managing, and ensuring the accuracy of health information data. They provide accurate health information mostly used for billing purposes of the patient and insurance companies for the right amount. It is one of the famous works from home career option available.

You just need to have a basic requirement to opt for this job administrative skills, reporting skills, record-keeping, Microsoft Office skill, typing, verbal communication, or else you can go in for the online training courses or in-person courses. This training will help you find the job easily with your choice of working hours it may be full time or part-time.

5. Virtual nurse / telemedicine

Earning: $ 70,000 per year

In this option, you only need to be a certified nurse. If you are so then you can guide or help people through phone or internet. Through virtual command centers, nurses can interact with the physicians while caring for the patient’s vital signs diagnosed by her while communicating with them through the internet. As a virtual nurse, you can advise patients online and also perform other similar duties. This can permit information sharing from the patient’s home and result in the earlier notification of related issues. You can search these online services at hospitals, health care centers, and apply for the same in a normal way.

6. Call center agent:

Earning: $ 30,000 to $ 40,000 per year

Online call center agent does the same work as a professional company’s agent do like customer service, sales, marketing, telemarketing, and customer support. Depending on the job requirement  you might have to do incoming or outgoing calls. You can work either full time or part-time. The companies who will hire you might need some call center experience in your CV this is one option to opt for this job but on the other hand, many companies might offer some training before you start the job so not to worry about it. The basic skills that you require for this job are verbal communication, phone skills, listening, data entry skills, attention to detail.

7. Customer service representative:

Earning: $15 to $ 20 per hour

Customer service is the best option to start with. Here, companies need customer service representatives to manage incoming calls and customer service inquiries, to generate sales leads that develop into new customers, to identify and assess customers’ needs to achieve satisfaction. 

8. Amazon remote employee

Earning: $ 10 per hour to $ 50,000 per year depending on the job profile.

There are a number of possibilities to make money through Amazon. And for work from home category departments like technical support for data entry, ranging from customer service agents, chain management services.

Job requirements may differ according to the job profile you have been applied for. Hence you have to thoroughly go through the job requirement by the company by visiting their Virtual Locations jobs page. After visiting you can opt for the option of hourly, part-time or full-time.

9. Search engine evaluator

Earning: $ 37,00 per year

If you are in search of a real, non-phone based remote job, then you are on the right path that is the position of Search engine evaluator. In this type of work, you will have to evaluate the result of search engines like google, yahoo, and bing so that it helps them to improve the overall user experiences.

You need to have excellent communication skills, web research skills, and analytical abilities that are important for the position. Also, it is important to know that you need to clear the entrance exam before you start working as an evaluator.

You may be expected to work for around 35 hours per week according to your flexibility.

10. Data entry clerk:

Earning: $ 27,000 per year for full-time work

The company will provide you data entry contents which you have to submit. Your job will be to post those content on the data entry project site or the site given to you by the company. For each and every valid content you will be paid accordingly. There will be flexibility in the time you prefer to work. Data posting tools and a list of posting websites will be made available to you by the company. You don’t need prior experience for this job profile instead, you should be a fast and accurate typist and can easily navigate spreadsheets. Companies may hire you for certain responsibilities as a data entry clerk like input data to a software system, transfer information, and update records.

11. Insurance claims investigators:

Earning: $ 47,000-$66,000 per year for full-time work

As an insurance claims investigator for this job you don’t need any formal education or training, but it requires excellent communication, researcher, and interviewing skills. You will work to investigate and validate claims made by policyholders to protect the companies from fraud. Though you are working from home for certain reasons like interviews or taking pictures you might have to go on the field. Most companies provide on-job training and continuing education.

12. Camp Counselor:

Earning: $11 – $ 17 per hour

This is the seasonal job profile. It can be more helpful for college-going students who are studying to become a teacher or those parents who are at home to earn money.

Although it is an outdoor field job. Some Stem- Based camps need a remote camp counselor to complete the task. You have to work with campers training them with coding, performing experiments, digital art, and more.

13. Test proctor:

Earning: $ 12 per hour on average

A test proctor is a person whose job is to monitor people taking an exam in order to check that they do not cheat and maintain the integrity of the exam. This is usually done through the webcam so it is very necessary to have a high-speed internet connection, good quality camera, and microphone.

The working hour depends on the company you work with and when the exam is scheduled.  

14. Dog walker or pet sitter:

Earning: $20 to $30 per walk and anywhere from $20 to $40 for overnight pet sitting services.

If you are an animal lover or want to have a pet but couldn’t have it. Now here you can fulfill your wish by taking care of someone else’s by working as a dog walker or pet sitter. You can join Rover or startup with your own entrepreneurship. If you are planning to join Rover then they allow you to make your profile with the service condition provided by you. Once you get the job you have to give your 20% share to the company. So be careful when you are charging your fees on your profile.

 15. Freelancer writer:

Earning : $ 30 to $ 500 + per assignment

 If you are interested in writing and have many ideas to share with. But if you are finding difficulty to start with your own blog. Then it is time to start up with freelance writing. You can work for websites, magazines, blogs, newspapers, script writing, or any businesses where you can showcase your writing skills on the topic given.

If you are a beginner then you can take up a course like Holly Johnson’s. Earn more writing that will help you to get more clients and also help you to put your amount according to your write-ups. You also have to see that your profile is good enough from the client’s perspective.

16. Freelance proofreader

Earning : $ 50,000 approx

A freelance proofreader is a service provided by a person who can detect errors in spellings, content, and rectify the same. They should be able to find typing errors and fix segregation and should be accurate in grammar and punctuation. Once you are accurate with your work you will work with companies to find their errors in written and printed documents.

For example, Caitlin Pyle after becoming a successful proofreader she started with her own training programs where she is training people with different techniques and strategies to be effective proofreaders. She also guides them as a beginner and helps them to find clients. If you want to opt for this career option then you can visit her free online workshops.

 17. Virtual assistant

Earning: $ 15 to $ 75 per hour.

Virtual assistants, also known as VA’s, are hired to complete administrative tasks like drafting or checking emails, managing calendars, call transcription, social media management, and customer service management. You can also get the training for the same to be a virtual assistant once you are trained you can search for your client through small business owners or browse sites like Upwork and freelancer.

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